World Mar 24

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World leaders to boycott G8 summit in Sochi

G7 leaders met in The Hague Monday -- without Russian President Vladimir Putin -- and agreed that they intend to boycott the G8 conference in Sochi, Russia this June. Instead, the G7 will meet separately in Brussels. In a…

World Feb 14

Warm weather in Sochi forces Olympic delays

Unseasonably warm temperatures in Sochi, Russia, continue to disrupt the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. While no events have yet to be canceled due to weather, practice schedules have been disrupted -- men’s freestyle skiing aerials practice was canceled on Thursday…

Feb 13

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Temperatures in Sochi stayed spring-like for the third day, as the weather forecast predicted highs to hit the 60s through this weekend. But Sochi’s strategic snow reserve remains stable, and organizers are confident the region has enough snow on hand…

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