World Aug 27

How nations are going back to school — or not

Governments around the world are taking different strategies toward the new school year, depending on how many infections they're seeing, the state of their health care systems and political considerations.

Health Jul 18

Breathtaking virus numbers show normal life still far away

The World Health Organization reported a single-day record of new infections at over 237,000. Daily death tolls have been reaching new highs in several U.S. states and India’s infections are over 1 million. Experts believe the true numbers around the…

Health Jul 17

Countries across the globe battle flare-ups of COVID-19

Outbreaks in the world’s latest hot spots pushed the confirmed global case tally toward 14 million on Friday. Governments are frantically trying to prevent and put down fresh outbreaks and keep their economies running as the pandemic accelerates in some…