World May 23

Spain’s far-right holds car protest against virus lockdown

Vox called for protesters to attend the protests in their vehicles and thus skirt the current prohibition on social gatherings in effect under the nation’s two-month long state of emergency designed to reduce contagion risks.

World May 06

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez speaks during a plenary session to debate on an extension of the state of emergency amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, at the Parliament in Madrid, Spain, May 6, 2020. Photo by J.J. Guillen/Pool via REUTERS
Spain averts political crisis, extends virus lockdown

Spain’s left-wing coalition government has averted — for now — a political crisis on top of the enormous challenge the country already faces from its devastating coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed more than 25,000 lives and severely damaged the economy.

Apr 17

Nations struggle to count virus toll

China has announced that the coronavirus death toll Wuhan was nearly 50% higher than previously reported. The revision highlights just how seriously current figures may be understating the true toll of the pandemic around the globe.

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