Politics Dec 11

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How Speaker Ryan is retooling the GOP agenda

In his first four working weeks, new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan presided over passage of a $600 billion defense bill, a bill to tighten screening of Syrian refugees and a five-year highway bill. Political director Lisa Desjardins offers…

Oct 28

GOP nominates Ryan as speaker, House set to OK

House Republicans nominated Rep. Paul Ryan on Wednesday to become the chamber's next speaker, rallying behind a youthful overachiever they hope will guide them out of weeks of internal feuding and disarray and point the party toward accomplishments they can…

Oct 26

Boehner’s last deal: 2-year budget, debt ceiling

WASHINGTON -- Speaker John Boehner is pressing ahead with one last deal as he heads for the exits, pushing to finalize a far-reaching, two-year budget agreement with President Barack Obama before handing Congress' top job over to Rep. Paul Ryan…

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