Science Jan 07

You can read a star’s age by its spin

It turns out, like us, stars slow down in their old age. That observation is the key to a new method astronomers are using to accurately tell the age of cool stars — stars that match the size of, or…

Jul 12

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From a gigantic rainbow serpent fashioned out of recycled jerry cans to a painting of girls dancing against a Milky Way backdrop, the Smithsonian's "African Cosmos: Stellar Arts" exhibit examines how African artists through time have looked to the sky,…

Apr 18

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Space Tornadoes, Baby Stars, and Ancient Galaxies

After a thousand days in space, the Infrared Array Camera on the Spitzer Space Telescope has sent back thousands of images of stars being born, space "tornadoes" and galaxies at the edge of the universe. To commemorate its voyage, the…