Paul Solman: Historians sing of what has passed; journalists, of what is passing; economic forecasters, of what is to come. Over the years, and especially during presidential campaigns, we’ve featured the forecasting model of Yale economist Ray Fair here…

Feb 06

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Employers Slash 598,000 Jobs in January

U.S. employers shed 598,000 jobs in January, pushing the unemployment rate to 7.6 percent in the latest sign of how the nation's labor market is retracting under the weight of the recession.

A question from various sources: “Will a stimulus fix our problems?” Paul Solman: Let’s begin with a prior question: What’s the economic justification for a stimulus? The answer is that an economy’s annual output — its Gross Domestic Product (…

Jan 23

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President Barack Obama said Friday that he expected Congress to approve a proposed $825 million economic stimulus package by mid-February, setting up the first big test of his promise to set a new tone of bipartisanship in Washington.

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