Politics Dec 17

Republicans push more than $600B in tax cuts through House

WASHINGTON — Republicans whipped more than $600 billion in compromise tax breaks for businesses, investors and families through the House on Thursday, as Congress tried capping 2015 with a flurry of accomplishments before the partisan collisions certain to dominate the…

Dec 20

Congress passes last-minute tax breaks. What should you know?

WASHINGTON -- In an almost annual ritual, Congress has passed a last-minute package of temporary tax breaks, sparing millions of businesses and individuals from unwanted tax increases just weeks before start of filing season. Congress extends these tax breaks every…

Jun 12

House approves permanent tax break for small businesses

WASHINGTON — The House voted Thursday to make permanent a generous tax break that makes it easier for small businesses to buy new equipment and improve their property, part of an election-year showdown over a series of expired tax breaks…

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