Dec 01

Congress has 2 weeks to avert a government shutdown

Their to-do list includes keeping the government running into the new year, renewing expired tax breaks for individuals and businesses and approving a defense policy measure that has passed for more than 50 years in a row. They hope to…

Sep 18

Mansions, especially in New York City and New Jersey, are often worth more than $1 million. But they're not always being sold for that much. Economists from the National Bureau of Economic Research explain why.

May 05

Tough new IRS penalties set to target Russian banks

Russian banks that buy U.S. securities after July 1 will forfeit 30 percent of the interest and dividend payments. The withholding applies to stocks and bonds, including U.S. Treasuries. Some previously owned securities would be exempt from the withholding, but…

Fifty-two percent of Americans think their taxes are too high, but a similar majority think their taxes are fair. On this tax day, Making Sen$e revisits some of our favorite tax conversations to examine how much Americans of different income…

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