May 14

Congress is about to get even more polarized

Today in the Morning Line: 2014 midterms will make polarization worse The man who would be the longest-serving member in the House disqualified from the ballot Bitcoins: A whole new world The tea party responds Interviewing Bill Clinton Just…

May 13

Can the tea party get its groove back?

Today in the Morning Line: Tea party could get first win of cycle – but other side isn’t playing Tough primary season likely to continue for tea party Losing the element of surprise Races to watch in West Virginia…

May 01

Does the tea party still have the juice?

The midterm election primary season kicks off in earnest Tuesday with elections in North Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana. Get this: There are 13 states with primaries in May. It’s always nice when instead of just talking about races, you get…

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