World Mar 21

A combination image shows screen grabs taken from video material released on March 21, 2018 which the Israeli military describes as an Israeli air strike on a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor site near Deir al-Zor on Sept. 6, 2007. Top row: The site before the attack (L), yellow circles depicting bombs during the air strike on the site (R). Bottom row: An explosion during the air strike on the site (L), debris seen on the site after the attack (R). Photo by IDF/Handout via Reuters
Israeli military confirms it hit Syrian nuclear site in 2007

The Israeli military confirmed on Wednesday it carried out the 2007 airstrike in Syria that destroyed what was believed to be a nuclear reactor, lifting the veil of secrecy over one of its most daring and mysterious operations in recent…

World May 15

File photo of President Donald Trump by Yuri Gripas/Reuters
3 things to watch for when Trump visits the Middle East

President Donald Trump departs Friday for the Middle East in his first overseas trip as president. He visits Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican -- the bases of three major world religions -- aiming to unify the region against extremism…

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