Health Jul 20

Cartoonist Jack Ohman’s series “The Care Package”
In my dad’s final weeks, I was still in denial

Editor’s note: This is the fourth installment of cartoonist Jack Ohman’s series “The Care Package,” for PBS NewsHour. When editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman’s father only had days left to live, he still wrote checks to pay his bills and…

Health Jun 19

What I wish my dad said before he died

Growing up, Jack Ohman often saw his father with a drink in his hand and little energy to dote over his son. Decades of alcohol consumption left his dad with an entangled series of disabling health problems. In turn, Ohman…

Health May 26

The last time I went fishing with my dad

Cartoonist Jack Ohman’s aging father was in no condition to go fishing, but when his dad said he wanted to go, Ohman spent days figuring out how to make the trip happen.