Politics Jan 04

Here is Obama’s presidential plan to cut gun violence

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama moved Monday to require all gun sellers to register as dealers — even those who sell at gun shows and online — and to run background checks on all prospective purchasers, aiming to curb a…

Politics Jan 04

Obama starts 2016 with a fight over gun control

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is slated Monday to finalize a set of new executive actions tightening the nation's gun laws, making his first order of business in 2016 a clear signal the president in his final year doesn't intend…

Nation Jan 01

2015: The year of mass shootings

Mass shootings in the United States drew an enormous amount of attention in 2015. In early December, the NewsHour plotted the locations of these shootings in a map, using data from the Mass Shooting Tracker. This post was…

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