Health Jun 17

Q&A: What are trans fats and why are they unhealthy?

WASHINGTON — You may not even know you are eating them, but trans fats will soon be mostly gone from your food. The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it will require food companies to phase them out over the…

Health Jun 16

FDA moves to phase out unhealthy artificial trans fats

Scientists say there are no health benefits to trans fats, which are used in processing food and in restaurants, usually to improve texture, shelf life or flavor. They can raise levels of "bad" cholesterol and lower "good" cholesterol, increasing the…

Economy Jan 14

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Bid to Print Nutrition Facts on Menus Raises Debate

Lee Hochberg reports on the debate in some cities and states over laws that would require restaurants to display nutritional information on their menus. Lawmakers hope the policy would benefit diners with certain health conditions, while restaurant owners are concerned…