Jan 08

5 things to know about upcoming U.S. dietary guidelines

You've heard it before: Eat fewer calories, more fruits and more vegetables. Those recurring themes as well as some new advice about sugar, salt, meat and caffeine could be part of the government's upcoming dietary guidelines for healthy eating.

Oct 21

Is that lavender soap really ‘organic’?

According to the Organic Trade Association, sales of those nonfood organic products were about $2.8 billion last year, a small share of the overall organic market but growing rapidly. Among the most popular items: household cleaners, cosmetics, gardening products, clothing,…

Feb 25

U.S. bees get $3 million

The United States Department of Agriculture is set to provide $3 million for the nation’s ailing bees. Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD has hit the honey bee population hard since 2006, when scientists recognized that colonies were disappearing. Bees would…

Feb 21

U.S. agriculture booms to record highs

American agriculture has experienced a boom, with market values of crops, livestock and total agricultural products reaching record highs even as the amount of U.S. farmland declined, according to a new government survey.

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