Economy Feb 25

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Bernanke Responds to Greek Debt Crisis

Greece's financial woes are causing problems on its own shores, as public workers protested government cuts Wendesday. But the debt crisis is making waves abroad as well. Jeffrey Brown talks to Roben Farzhad with Bloomberg Business Week for more.

Economy Apr 03

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The Share Economy at Work

The U.S. economy has lost millions of jobs over the past year. And in order to avoid further layoffs, many organizations are asking employees to make painful sacrifices – wage cuts, fewer benefits, and unpaid leave. We’ll explore this in…

Economy Dec 12

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White House Weighs Action on Auto Rescue

The White House said Friday it was considering tapping the $700 billion financial industry bailout fund to prevent the collapse of the ailing U.S. auto giants after the Senate failed to reach a compromise on a rescue package for Detroit's…