Testifying before lawmakers Thursday, Ben Bernanke reiterated a call for the Fed to be given supervisory powers over institutions that pose a systemic risk to the financial system, and proposed that a council of regulators help monitor risk.

The financial crisis barreled through industrialized and developing nations, bruising once vital economies, and thrusting unhealthy ones further into decline. With G-20 leaders in Pittsburgh this week, here is a look at where their economies stand.

Editor’s note: Paul also recently sat down with Harvey Miller, lawyer for Lehman Brothers during its descent into bankruptcy, for an insider’s look at what it was like meeting with government regulators as Lehman faced collapsed.

Editor’s note: Last night on the NewsHour, Paul filed a compelling report on the fall of Lehman Brothers one year after the firm’s descent into bankruptcy. He traces Lehman’s fall from storied Wall Street investment bank to catalyst for the…

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