Politics Oct 07

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Why Clinton may have a chance in dark-red Georgia

This campaign year has witnessed many unexpected shifts in the electorate -- not to mention the candidates. But one of the most surprising changes may be the voters in Georgia. After supporting Republican presidential contenders for the past 24 years,…

Politics Mar 31

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What the ‘women’s vote’ means in 2016

Women made up more than half of all voters in 2012. What's winning over this diverse and crucial bloc of voters in 2016? Judy Woodruff explores how women see this year’s candidates with Rebecca Traister, author, "All the Single Ladies,"…

Aug 16

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Campaigns Try to Win Over Women Voters

Supporters of Mitt Romney reach out to shake his hand during a campaign rally Tuesday in Zanesville, Ohio. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. If you're a woman living in one of a dozen or so states, chances are you're being…