Science Apr 22

Potential to revive extinct animals raises ethical questions

Researchers are working to bring back extinct animals like the woolly mammoth and passenger pigeon, operating under the belief that reviving such species could restore vanishing habitats. But many biologists suggest these efforts should focus on endangered, rather than extinct,…

Science Apr 22

Should scientists bring extinct species back from oblivion?

Ever since the 1993 blockbuster “Jurassic Park,” the possibility of bringing extinct species back to life has been part of our collective imagination. The film, based on a Michael Crichton novel, was itself inspired by actual scientific breakthroughs in…

Science Nov 20

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Researchers Decode DNA of Woolly Mammoth

Scientists have mapped out much of the genetic code of the extinct woolly mammoth, opening the door to the possibility of recreating the animal and perhaps other extinct species within the next 20 years.