27 dead, dozens injured after fire blazes through Romanian nightclub

A fire in an underground nightclub in Romania on Friday night killed more than two dozen people and injured another 184 others, officials said.

On Saturday, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis laid flowers and lit a candle for the victims at the entrance of Bucharest’s Colectiv nightclub located in a converted factory, Reuters reported.

At first, survivors told the Associated Press, a member of the heavy metal band Goodbye to Gravity that was giving a free concert there joked when the group’s pyrotechnic display went awry.

Flames quickly engulfed the basement club and hundreds of young clubgoers stampeded toward the single available exit.

Roughly 146 people remain in hospital. Some are in critical condition and being treated for burns, as well as smoke inhalation.

The government called for three days of mourning, as well as a closer look into fire safety at area clubs.

It is not uncommon to see indoor fireworks and shooting candles in restaurants and bars in Romania, but fire codes can be lax, the Associated Press reported.