76 percent of Europeans think corruption is widespread in their country

Public perception of corruption has reached new heights in Europe, according to a new poll by the European Commission.

In Europe, “three quarters of responders (76 percent) think that corruption is widespread in their own country,” read the accompanying report.

Respondents from Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and the Czech Republic all said they believe overwhelmingly that corruption in their countries is widespread. In contrast, respondents from Finland, Denmark, Malta and the UK said they believe corruption doesn’t have a significant impact on their countries.

The report identified “deficient” control mechanisms and risk management as precursors for corruption among EU member states, despite an increase in visibility of anti-corruption policies.

The World Bank estimates that annual worldwide bribes amount to $1 trillion . But the World Bank calls the approach to this measurement “conservative,” explaining that the figure does not include embezzlement of public funds of theft of public assets, and many other acts.