After security threat, Germany vs. Netherlands match called off

A German official has stated that no explosives were found and no arrests made after a friendly soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled due to a threat of attack

The match was called off because police officials believed they had concrete evidence that individuals wanted to set off explosive devices in the stadium. A separate bomb threat had also been called in about an hour before the game was cancelled.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was set to attend the game, but had not yet arrived at the stadium when the match was cancelled. Germany was playing against France on Friday when a wave of terrorist attacks hit Paris. Initially, the team had not wanted to play Tuesday’s game, however, they decided to go ahead as a show of unity with the French.

Most fans were waiting outside when the order to evacuate the stadium came. The number of people actually in the stadium was fairly limited, and largely made up of staff, VIP guests and media. After the decision to evacuate the stadium was made, the crowd left in relative calm.

The French team is playing a friendly match in the U.K. at Wembley Stadium Tuesday evening. Before the game began, English fans sang the “Marseillaise” national anthem along with the French supporters. The stadium’s arch was also lit up in blue, white and red, and fans on both sides carried the French flag.

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