In Syria, airstrikes on hospitals and school kill dozens

Airstrikes in northern Syria decimated four hospitals and a school on Monday, killing an estimated 50 people including children, the United Nations reported.

Two of the hospitals were supported by UNICEF. In a statement, UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake said, “We at UNICEF are appalled by reports of attacks against four medical facilities in Syria … Apart from compelling considerations of diplomacy and obligations under international humanitarian law, let us remember that these victims are children.”

In the province of Idlib in northwestern Syria, the airstrikes hit another clinic run by Doctors Without Borders. The aid organization said in a statement that the attack killed at least seven people. Eight others are missing and presumed dead.

In the town of Azaz, also in northwestern Syria, air raids hit another clinic and a school in a nearby village, reported the Associated Press. At least five people were killed in the first attack and seven at the school.

“The destruction of the [Doctors Without Borders]-supported facility appears to be a deliberate attack on a health structure,” said Massimiliano Rebaudengo, the group’s head of mission in Syria.

The group had been supporting the clinic since last fall. Medical operations there were moved to another area.

The source of the airstrikes wasn’t clear, but opposition advocates said they were part of Russia’s air campaign against them.

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