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Billionaire inventor James Dyson demands UK invest in engineering

Billionaire business man James Dyson — the man behind Dyson vacuums, fans and heaters — said earlier this week that the United Kingdom’s government should pay students to take engineering and science courses while at university.

He came up with the idea after he was unable to fill 120 engineering positions at Dyson’s UK office.

He urged the British government to incentivize engineering education in the Financial Times.

“The solution lies at the roots: in education. We should not be afraid to offer financial incentives to encourage the brightest students towards areas of vital national interest.”

Dyson said that the future of British infrastructure depends on training new engineers and scientists. According to Dyson, 61,000 engineering vacancies will go unfilled in 2014 due to a lack of workers skilled in high-end engineering. This would result in a decline of development of power stations, bridges and hi-speed railways.

“The solution to our engineering shortage is easy to see. Politicians need to find the mettle to implement it,” Dyson writes. “Otherwise, we and others will be forced to leave for countries where engineers are made – and made welcome.”

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