Site of a strike on WCK vehicle in central Gaza Strip

Bodies of 6 foreign aid workers killed in Israeli strikes are transported out of Gaza ahead of repatriation

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AP) — Egyptian state media say the bodies of six foreign aid workers killed in a series of Israeli strikes have been transported out of the Gaza Strip before their repatriation.

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Qahera TV said the bodies were driven across the Egyptian border at the Rafah crossing on Wednesday.

The three British citizens, a Polish citizen, an Australian and a Canadian American dual citizen worked for World Central Kitchen, an international charity founded by celebrity chef José Andrés. Their Palestinian driver was also killed, and his remains were handed over to his family for burial in Gaza.

They were distributing food that had been brought into Gaza through a newly established maritime corridor late Monday when Israeli airstrikes targeted their three vehicles, killing everyone inside.

Israel has acknowledged carrying out the strikes by mistake and says it has launched an independent investigation into how it happened.

Some of Israel’s closest allies, including the United States, condemned the deaths, and the World Central Kitchen and other charities suspended food deliveries to Palestinians on the brink of starvation, citing the dire security situation in Gaza.

Cyprus, which has played a key role in setting up the maritime corridor, said the ships that had arrived Monday returned to the Mediterranean island nation with some 240 tons of undelivered aid.

Magdy reported from Cairo.

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