More than 100 girls abducted in attack of northeastern Nigerian town

Gunmen kidnapped more than 100 female students Monday night in the eastern town of Chibok, Nigeria. Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram is suspected to be behind the attacks.

Audu Musa, a public teacher in the area confirmed the attack to Reuters.

Over 100 female students in our government secondary school at Chibok have been abducted,” Musa said.

Most reports confirm that at least 100 girls were kidnapped, however parents told BBC’s Hausa service that the number of girls taken was higher than 200.

Eyewitnesses reported that about 50 men took control the town on the border between Borno and Adamawa States of Nigeria. According to Nigeria’s Punch newspaper, they looted food items, harassed residents and set buildings on fire before abducting the girls.

“They packed food items and the students into an abandoned lorry before heading for the Sambisa forest,” Chibok resident Joseph Walam told Punch.

The abductions follow Monday morning’s bombings in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja, which killed at least 70.