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Brazilian president defends World Cup costs


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday rebuked critics of the costs associated with World Cup construction projects.

According to United Press International, she spoke to journalists during a banquet in Brazil’s capital. Rousseff said fewer than $4 billion of the total $63 billion spent on infrastructure were for World Cup venues. The rest is “for Brazil,” she added.

She also said the country’s “ambitious plans for improvement of infrastructure were not intended to be finished by the time of the World Cup,” UPI reported.

The question of World Cup costs comes as FIFA, soccer’s governing body, announced it would not review new evidence of corruption surrounding Qatar’s winning bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

Officials delivered that announcement after a London Sunday Times report that said FIFA’s former vice president, Qatari Mohamed bin Hammam, paid as much as $5 million to secure his own position and win the World Cup for Qatar.

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