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British police raid pub in search of Holy Grail relic

Twelve British police officers raided a pub in the rural England this week, in pursuit of a missing wooden cup that some believe to be The Holy Grail.

After receiving a tip that the missing artifact was seen in the 15th century Herefordshire pub at The Crown Inn, police executed a search warrant. They looked under floorboards and used fiber optic cameras to thoroughly examine the building.

But the only thing they turned up that resembled the medieval cup was an old salad bowl.

The ancient cup resided in the Nanteos Mansion, a country house in Wales, until 1952 and went missing in mid-July under the care of Fiona Myres, a relative of the family who used to own the mansion.

Referred to as the “Nanteos Cup,” some believe that the artifact was brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea, the biblical figure who also brought Christianity to the country and gave Jesus Christ a tomb.

At the time the cup went missing it had been loaned to an ill woman who was reportedly using it for its legendary healing powers.

The pub’s landlady, Di Franklyn says she was amazed by the police turnout at her building.

“If somebody had stolen something as priceless as the Holy Grail I don’t think it would be on show in my pub,” she told The Telegraph.  “But the police were taking the information very seriously because there were so many of them including a police dog handler.”

Although some believe the Nanteos Cup to be the Holy Grail, scientists argue that it was made centuries after the date of Jesus’ crucifixion.