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How Bad is the Egyptian Economy? Ask a Cab Driver.

Video footage by Eric O’Connor and Reuters. Edited by Noreen Nasir.

It’s been two years since Egyptians celebrated the downfall of their long-standing President Hosni Mubarak in the streets of Cairo.

But after the rush of the revolution subsided and political battles between parties replaced a united call for democracy, many across Egypt are left with a sense of uncertainty for the country’s economic future.

The PBS NewsHour spoke with Waleed Saad, a cab driver in Cairo, about how the state of events in Egypt have affected him and his family.

As he drives past the graffiti-laden buildings of the city, he talks about his frustrations with slow business and his hopes of a better Egypt for his children.

On Friday, PBS NewsHour senior correspondent Margaret Warner explores the state of Egypt’s economy two years after the revolution, and how it’s impacted an increasingly frustrated public. View more of our World coverage.

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