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Clinton: Islamic State can be destroyed, but only with help from Iraqis

In an interview with the PBS NewsHour on Friday, President Bill Clinton signaled full support for President Obama’s plan to degrade and destroy the Islamic State group, but he cautioned, “Essentially it’s an away game, and we need to be back on a home team.”

Mr. Clinton stressed the importance of having U.S. assets on the ground in Iraq to fortify local forces with training and equipment. The former president, who oversaw military action in Bosnia and enforced no-fly zones on former Iraq leader Saddam Hussein, cited changes in the Iraqi government, the fact that Sunni tribal chiefs seem ready to fight and the strength of the Peshmerga Kurdish military as reasons for hope for the eventual defeat of Islamic State militants.

Clinton spoke to Judy Woodruff in Washington where he had just wrapped up an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of Americorps with President Obama. Watch the PBS NewsHour tonight for our full interview.