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How do e-cycling hubs work?

Sunday on NewsHour Weekend, special correspondent Martin Seemungal reports on Kenya’s e-waste issue.

Used electronics are one of the fastest growing sources of waste globally. In Africa two countries feature as dumping hot zones: Nigeria and Ghana. There are also ‘suspected’ e-waste dump sites in a number of other African countries. Kenya is one and it is urgently trying to enact legislation to target disposal of used electronics.

It is estimated that 15,000 tons of used computers and mobile phones are shipped to Kenya every year, flooding in from the West, especially the U.S., adding to the e-waste generated by the new electronic goods that Kenyans are already buying.

The company profiled in the report, Kenya’s East African Compliant Recycling, will begin to make money as more and more hubs join the process is outlined below:


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