Egypt says it has found the wreckage from missing EgyptAir plane

A search vessel has spotted “several main locations of the wreckage” from an EgyptAir airplane that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea last month, Egyptian investigators announced Wednesday.

An Egyptian committee said in a statement today that the vessel has provided the first images of the wreckage, the Associated Press reported. This will allow investigators to draft a map of the distribution of the wreckage from the missing Airbus A320 plane.

Flight 804, carrying 66 people on board, vanished from radar screens on May 19 on its way to Cairo from Paris. A majority of the passengers were Egyptian. Several satellites had received a distress signal from the plane minutes after it disappeared, Egyptian authorities confirmed in late May.

Shortly after the crash, the Egyptian navy recovered debris and human remains in the waters 190 miles north of the Egyptian city of Alexandria.

Investigators hope to recover the voice and data recorders from the plane to help determine the cause of the crash. Egyptian officials have said they couldn’t rule out terrorism. At this time, no one has claimed responsibility for the crash.