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Ever Paid a Bribe? New Report Says You’re Not Alone

A new report finds that more than one in four people in the world have payed a bribe in the last year. Image from the report “Global Corruption Barometer” by Transparency International.

One out of four people have paid a bribe in the last twelve months. This is according to Transparency International’s 2013 Corruption Barometer, a worldwide survey of 114,000 people cataloging their direct experiences with corruption. The report’s findings are bleak if you’re in the pro civil society camp. Almost a third of all world citizens interviewed reported experiencing corruption when they dealt with their local police — 24 percent reported bribery going on at their local judiciary. Political parties are seen as the most corrupt institutions in just about every country. Perhaps not the best news for democracy.

Click to enlarge this graphic by Transparency International.

This report led to an interesting discussion here at NewsHour HQ. Have any of us ever paid a bribe? Perhaps we slipped money to an officer to get out of a traffic ticket in Mexico? Is it bribery if you drop a $20 bill to get into a night club? Have you ever paid a bribe? Fill out our questionnaire below (all answers in the poll are anonymous) and tell us the stories of your personal experiences with bribery in the comments.

Responses to thoughts on bribery are grouped by whether they first responded Yes, No or Maybe to having paid a bribe.

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