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What does ‘Life in Baghdad’ look like beyond war?

It’s difficult to imagine Baghdad today without images of violence from its recent past. But a short film from PBS’s Frontline, “Life in Baghdad,” reveals a side of the city that so often is forgotten amid a decade of war and and recent Islamic State insurgency. One that shows normalcy, uninterrupted.

The film, narrated by Frontline producer Martin Smith, contrasts the haunting danger of war against the daily lives of Iraqis filled, quite simply, with joy.

“They don’t worry about the bombs, because they just are — they’re just a fact of life,” said Smith. He added, “Your only hope is that if a bomb goes off, it’s far enough away, or it’s close enough that you’re gone quickly.”

Young boys swimming, teenagers dancing in the street, families enjoying ice cream beneath a Ferris wheel — the images evoke a familiar understanding.

“They’re just trying to do what we’re trying to do.”

Watch Frontline’s short film, “Life in Baghdad,” above.