Group claiming to be Anonymous declares war on Islamic State militants

Hackers claiming to be Anonymous, an international collective of activist hackers, threatened cyberattacks on the Islamic State group in retaliation for Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris.

The hacktivist group delivered its message in videos posted in multiple languages on social media Saturday, which featured a person clad in a Guy Fawkes mask — the group’s signature — addressing the militant group directly.

“These attacks cannot remain unpunished,” the video states. “Expect many cyberattacks. War has been declared. Get ready.”

In the two days since its posting, the videos already have been viewed millions of times.

According to Reuters, Anonymous also claims to have identified and reported more than 39,000 suspected Twitter accounts belonging to Islamic State group members, saying they have been successful in getting more than 25,000 of them shut down.

This is not the first time Anonymous has targeted the Islamic State group. In January, the hackers launched a series of cyberattacks on the organization following their attacks on satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

The full translation of the video, provided by Reuters, is below:

“Yesterday, Friday November 13th, 2015, our country, France was attacked in Paris at around 10 PM by multiple terrorists attempts claimed by you, ISIS. These attacks cannot remained unpunished, hence the reason why the anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down, yes you vermin that are killing innocent people, we will hunt you down, as we did since the attacks of Charlie Hebdo. Therefore, be prepared for a massive retaliation from the Anonymous. Be advised that we will find you and will not let you go; we are going to launch the biggest operation ever against you. Expect many cyberattacks. War has been declared. Get ready. The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger. Anonymous presents its condolences to the family of all the fallen victims. We are the Anonymous, we are legion. We don’t forgive and we don’t forget. Expect us.”

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