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The entrance of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is seen in The Hague, Netherlands. Photo by Jerry Lampen/Reuters

International court ‘undeterred’ by John Bolton

WASHINGTON — The International Criminal Court says it will continue to do its work “undeterred,” despite national security adviser John Bolton’s condemnation.

Bolton asserted Monday the court “threatens American sovereignty and U.S. national security interests.”

The Netherlands-based court said in a statement Tuesday it was established by a treaty supported by 123 countries. It says it prosecuted cases only when those countries failed to do so or did not do so “genuinely.”

The court pledges to “continue to do its work undeterred, in accordance with those principles and the overarching idea of the rule of law.”

Bolton’s speech came as an ICC judge was expected to soon announce a decision on a request from prosecutors to open an investigation into allegations of war crimes committed by Afghan national security forces, Taliban and Haqqani network militants and U.S. forces and intelligence in Afghanistan.

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