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Jurgen Stock, Secretary-General of Interpol, speaks during a press conference in Dubai on November 21, 2018, after the org...

Interpol’s neutrality ‘is fundamental’ to its existence after policing agency elects new president

Interpol’s Secretary General Jurgen Stock says the nationality of the policing organization’s president does not affect its neutrality.

Stock spoke on Wednesday after member states voted to elect South Korea’s delegate, Kim Jong Yang, as Interpol’s new president.

The selection edged out Russia’s attempt to put forth one of its own for the presidency. Interpol has faced intense criticism that countries like Russia have abused Interpol’s system to go after fugitive dissidents.

Stock told reporters after the conclusion of Interpol’s general assembly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that “it is fundamental to Interpol’s existence that we are neutral and that we are independent.”

Addressing what he said was misinformation circulating in recent days, Stock said Interpol accepts “the fact that systems can be improved” but added this year alone the red notice and diffusion system helped lead to the arrest of 10,000 serious criminals.