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Iran meets commitments for landmark nuclear deal, sanctions lifted

International sanctions were lifted on Saturday in response to Iran’s nuclear disarmament deal with the United States and other world powers.

Diplomats meeting in Vienna, Austria, worked well into the night to certify that Iran had met the terms of last year’s landmark deal to shut down its plutonium reactor and ship out its stockpile of enriched uranium.

On Saturday, the international atomic energy agency announced Iran has carried out all required measures.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry led last-minute talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

Certification has prompted the U.S. and the European Union to lift long-standing economic sanctions against Iran, allowing Iran to gain access to $100 billion.

With sanctions lifted, Iran’s government says withing weeks it will boost oil exports by 500,000 barrels a day, and it will immediately buy 114 passenger jets from airbus.

In the hours leading up to the certification, Iran freed five Americans, including Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, who had been jailed 18 months on espionage charges that his newspaper called trumped up.