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Overseas Reporting Trip – Israel, West Bank and Gaza

Taping Gaza Interviews
Senior correspondent Margaret Warner and producer Morgan Till interview a resident in Gaza City.

Senior correspondent Margaret Warner leads a PBS NewsHour multimedia team on a reporting trip to Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, from Jan. 17 to Feb. 1. Check back for blog updates from the team and watch the broadcast for more reports, which we will be collecting here.

Updated Jan. 24: Warner and the team begin their online and broadcast coverage with Tuesday’s Israeli elections. They also plan to explore the following themes:

  • The Syria Threat: Israel has at least one thing in common with its neighbors — it, too, is concerned about the unpredictable fallout of the civil war in Syria. The concerns range from the ascendancy of jihadi militants in Syria, particularly in the territory abutting the Golan Heights, to what will become of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s lethal chemical weapons stockpile.

  • Israel/Iran: If the latest polls hold, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will likely stay in power. He has indicated that he will put the issue of an attack on Iran back on the front burner after Jan. 22, but many Israelis are not supportive of unilateral action.

  • Israelis and Palestinians, the Further Divide: Twenty years after the Oslo Accord, which attempted to end the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians is largely one of disengagement, disinterest, separation and mistrust. Israel’s demographics are changing with a much more right-wing under-25 population. While in Gaza and the West Bank, there is a further hardening of the population in the wake of the Israel/Hamas conflict.

Map shows where NewsHour team will be reporting. Click on the map for a larger version.

The Team:

Margaret Warner

Emmy award-winning journalist Margaret Warner leads the PBS NewsHour’s overseas reporting unit to Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, where she’ll be filing on-air reports, tweeting and blogging. Over the past two years she has reported from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, France, Britain, Germany, China, Kenya, Iran, Turkey and Syria. Warner, a senior correspondent on the program, joined what was then The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour in 1993 after a career in print journalism. She spent a decade at Newsweek as political and campaign correspondent, White House reporter and chief diplomatic correspondent. She is a graduate of Yale University. Follow her at @margaretwarner.

Morgan Till

Morgan Till is the PBS NewsHour’s lead producer on overseas reporting trips. Since joining the NewsHour in 1998, he has reported from Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, Mexico, Pakistan, Syria, Haiti, Israel, the West Bank and South Korea. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia. Follow him at @mtill50.

P.J. Tobia

P.J. Tobia is a reporter-producer for the PBS NewsHour, specializing in the Middle East and North Africa. He will be tweeting and writing blog posts throughout the reporting trip. Prior to joining the NewsHour in 2011, he was a freelance journalist, reporting mostly from Afghanistan. He has also reported from Southern Africa, India and Tennessee. His print work has appeared in The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and Texas Monthly. Follow him at @pjtobia.

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