MH17’s black boxes to be analyzed by UK experts

Britain has agreed to aid in the analysis of data retrieved from two black boxes that were salvaged from the downed Malaysia Airlines flight that killed 298 people.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Tuesday that investigators from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch, which is responsible for determining the circumstances and causes of civil aircraft accidents, will recover the information for “international analysis.” Their involvement comes at the request of the Dutch government.

An examination of the black boxes could shed light on claims that pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine shot down the aircraft with a surface-to-air missile.

The boxes are currently in the hands of Malaysian authorities. Pro-Russian separatists relinquished possession of them after the two sides struck a deal on Monday.

In addition to the boxes, bodies of the victims have also been removed from the crash site. They were transported to the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv via refrigerated train carriages on Tuesday morning. Though it is unclear what the protocol will be for all of the remains going forward, some will be flown to the Netherlands on Wednesday to begin an identification process.

In Washington, White House spokesman Josh Earnest announced that the U.S. would also be weighing in on the circumstances surrounding the crash. He said the government plans to present new data from the intelligence community on Tuesday.

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