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Mubarak Trial Begins; Iraq, U.S. to Negotiate Extended Stay for Troops

Six months after he was ousted from his 30-year rule of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak went on trial Wednesday to face charges of complicity in killing political protesters and government corruption.

The 83-year-old Mubarak, lying on a hospital bed, was wheeled into a metal defendant’s cage in the courtroom with his two sons standing beside him in white prison uniforms. He pleaded innocent to the charges.

After adjourning the trial, which was aired live on state television, the judge ordered Mubarak held at a military hospital near Cairo and to be overseen by an oncologist. The order by the judge seemed to indicate that Mubarak has cancer after months of unconfirmed reports.

We’ll have more on the trial of Mubarak here on the Rundown and on Wednesday evening’s PBS Newshour.

Iraq, U.S. to Negotiate Extended Stay for Troops

The Iraqi government agreed Tuesday night to start negotiations with United States on whether to authorize the U.S. military to remain in Iraq to train the country’s security forces after the end of the year.

The United States has offered to have up to 10,000 troops stay and continue training Iraqi forces on tanks, fighter jets and other military equipment after Dec. 31. 2011. About 46,000 U.S. forces remain in Iraq.

Tropical Storm Emily Heads Toward Dominican Republic, Haiti

Tropical Storm Emily is headed toward the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where more than 630,000 people are still without shelter after last year’s earthquake. A “steady shield of rain” should reach the island of Hispaniola around noon Wednesday and the rainfall should worsen by late afternoon, the Associated Press reported.

Syrian Forces Continue Assault on Hama

Syrian tanks took over a main square in the city of Hama, and electricity and telephone phone lines were cut off Wednesday as the regime of President Bashar Assad continued its intense crackdown against an uprising now in its fifth month. Activists said the death toll since Sunday’s assault is now at 100.

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