North Korea fires two missiles off coast

Despite a United Nations ban on weapons testing in North Korea, the country fired two short-range missiles into the water off of its eastern coast, according to a South Korean Defense Ministry official on Sunday.

The missiles, believed to be ballistic, were reportedly fired from Wonan without instituting a no-sail zone ahead of time.

 South Korea is apparently viewing the test as a provocative measure on the part of its northern neighbor.

The move comes after North Korea criticized South Korea this week for alleged artillery drills near the disputed Yellow Sea maritime boundary. The tests also took place as South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Chinese President Xi Jinping prepare to meet this week. China has historically been North Korea’s main ally.

Additionally, the North Korean army claimed South Korea fired shells at North Korean waters on Thursday.

On Friday, North Korea said the country’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un directed the test launches of precision-guided missiles. South Korean officials believe this announcement was related to three projectiles launched on Thursday.

According to the Associated Press, the announcement about the new missiles could be an exaggeration, considering North Korea’s army is believed to be poorly supplied with old equipment.