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North and South Korea come to agreement

According to The Associated Press, South and North Korea have come to an agreement to defuse the stand-off at their border. Under the settlement, South Korea has agreed to stop broadcasting propaganda at the border, and North Korea has expressed regret over the wounding of two South Korean soldiers by a North Korean land mine.

The stand-off began earlier in August after a land mine blast maimed two South Korean troops. Following the blast, South Korea installed loud speakers broadcasting anti-North Korean propaganda at the border. North Korea then positioned troops at the border, and said they were prepared to attack if South Korea did not stop.

Talks between the two countries began shortly after the Saturday deadline. They were adjourned for a bit Sunday morning, but resumed in the afternoon. Talks ended officially early Tuesday morning in Korean time, with North Korea agreeing to a military de-escalation. Both sides also agreed to hold talks in Seoul or Pyongyang in the near future to improve their ties.

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