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CIA analysts say that Osama bin Laden's voice was on an audio message released earlier this week. Ray Suarez discusses the war on terror with Richard Clarke and Harvey Sicherman.

As the World Trade Organization continued talks Friday in Cancun, Mexico, Paul Solman investigates one possible downside to lowering barriers to international trade.

In the two years since the Sept. 11 attacks, how has, or hasn't, the United States changed? Jim Lehrer examines this issue with a panel of six experts including authors, professors and cultural observers.

Within 45 days of Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush signed the Patriot Act, making it easier for investigators to obtain private records, conduct searches without notice and monitor phone and Internet usage. Ray Suarez gets perspective on the debate surrounding…

One of the most contentious issues facing ministers gathering in Cancun for the meeting of the World Trade Organization is how to address the use of agricultural subsidies. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on how U.S. cotton subsidies affect the…

A recent upsurge in attacks on Afghan government forces and U.S. soldiers by suspected Taliban guerilla fighters has created a new challenge for Afghanistan's post war government in Kabul. Gwen Ifill discusses the situation with Afghan Interior Minister Ali Jalali.

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