Rescue work suspended in Nepal after fresh avalanches hit northern region

Hampered by poor weather conditions and avalanches in northern Nepal, authorities said Sunday they would suspend the search for bodies following last month’s 7.8 magnitude-earthquake.

Ensuing avalanches on Friday and Saturday and continuing rain and fog has made the work dangerous for police and army rescuers, government administrator Guatam Rimal told the Associated Press.

Rescuers have been moved to higher and safer ground, and will resume rescue efforts once the avalanches stop, Rimal said.

In Langtang Valley, a popular attraction for trekkers and climbers about 60 kilometers north of the capital city of Kathmandu, 120 bodies have been recovered so far, including nine foreigners.

Official said the exact count remains unclear, but as many as 180 people may still be buried under the snow, Reuters reported.

The April 25 earthquake, the worst to hit the country in over 80 years, killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 16,000 others.

As many as eight million people have been affected by the earthquake, according to UN estimates.