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Slide show: A reporter’s view of Iran

Since November, the news from Iran has been almost exclusively about the deal to limit the country’s nuclear program.

To learn more about the bigger picture of life in Iran, correspondent William Brangham reported from Iran for two weeks in January.

Woman at fountain, Iran

Imam Mosque in Isfahan, Iran. Credit: William Brangham/NewsHour Weekend

His photographs capture moments of daily life in Tehran, the country’s capital, and the city of Isfahan.

“Our interactions with Iranians across the board have been overwhelmingly positive. People are genuinely curious about the United States,” he said.

“People want to know what is America like, what does America think of Iran? They want to offer their impressions, so our interactions have been incredibly positive.”

leader mural

Credit: William Brangham/NewsHour Weekend

“There are murals all over Tehran,” he added. “You see these faces everywhere you go looking down on you – huge, huge faces. Most of them are either the current or the intellectual leaders of the Islamic revolution, or heroes of the 1980s Iran Iraq War.”

View more of William’s photos on our PBS NewsHour’s Facebook page.

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