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Suspect in Troops’ Deaths in Germany Allegedly Targeted Americans

The man who is suspected of shooting two U.S. airmen on a bus leaving Frankfurt International Airport is believed to have been acting alone, prompted by increasing radicalization, according to German authorities.

Arif Uka, 21, an employee at the airport, allegedly opened fire on members of the U.S. Air Force Wednesday, killing two and wounding two others. One remains in critical condition. The suspect allegedly confessed to authorities that he targeted American military personnel, according to news reports.

Uka is described as a Kosovar Albanian and devout Muslim. At this stage, authorities have shared no indication that he might have acted as part of any larger, organized effort.

President Obama said he was “saddened” and “outraged” by the attack, and said the U.S. would “spare no effort” in investigating the attack and bringing anyone behind it to justice.

WikiLeaks Suspect Faces 34 Charges

Pfc. Bradley Manning, suspected of leaking classified information to the website WikiLeaks, could face the death penalty for his role in the case, though prosecutors said they are not requesting that sentence. Manning is currently being held in connection with the charges at Quantico Marine Base in Virginia.

His charges include theft of records and disclosure of classified information related to national defense. Manning, a 23-year-old military intelligence analyst from Oklahoma, is the Army’s prime suspect in the WikiLeaks case, which led to the revelation of some 250,000 classified State Department cables.

Egyptian Prime Minister Steps Down

Ahmed Shafiq, named prime minister days before former president Hosni Mubarak stepped down in February, has tendered his resignation, according to the country’s ruling council. The announcement also said former transportation minister Essam Sharaf would be tasked with forming a new government. Sharaf, who himself resigned five years ago, had been a vocal critic of Mubarak.

Some protesters had associated Shafiq with Mubarak’s regime and called for him to step down. Mubarak himself, who has not been seen publicly, is believed to be residing at his villa in Sharm el-Sheikh. He and members of his family have been banned from travel by the Egyptian government.

Pakistani Court Delays Trial of CIA Employee

A court in Lahore agreed to postpone the trial of Raymond L. Davis, who is facing criminal charges in connection with the shooting deaths of two Pakistanis he said were trying to rob him. The hearing will resume March 8 to give his lawyers more time to prepare. A separate court case is examining the U.S.’ argument that Davis, because he was working with the Embassy, is covered by diplomatic immunity.

U.S. officials have described the case as a robbery attempt, and said the 36-year-old former special forces soldier acted in self-defense. A third person was killed when a vehicle belonging to the consulate rushed to his aid.

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