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FBI Issues Highest Alert Warning

Citing “credible information”, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned that another terrorist attack may occur in the U.S. or against U.S. overseas interests within the next several days.

On Thursday afternoon, the FBI issued a warning for all law enforcement personnel to be on highest alert and has asked all Americans to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

The FBI said that the source did not give specific targets or dates.

Justice Department spokesperson Mindy Tucker told reporters that the FBI had received good information earlier this week about a potential attack and that the agency decided to alert the public and local police units.

Tucker added that the FBI has issued five or six warnings to local law enforcement agencies since the Sept. 11 attacks. One alert warned local police to increase security over use of cropduster planes, which was eventually leaked to the public.

Today’s “highest alert” warning is the second issued by the FBI this week. The first warning was issued on Sunday, the first day of the U.S.-led military campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This second alert suggests that an attack may occur over the next week.

The FBI’s Web site states:

“Certain information, while not specific as to target, gives the government reason to believe that there may be additional terrorist attacks within the United States and against U.S. interests overseas over the next several days. The FBI has again alerted all local law enforcement to be on the highest alert and we call on all people to immediately notify the FBI and local law enforcement of any unusual or suspicious activity.”

Attorney General John Ashcroft has also warned of retaliation for the U.S.-led bombing campaign against the Taliban.4

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