Officials search for Indonesian airliner that crashed into mountain carrying 54

Search and rescue teams were heading into a remote and mountainous region of Indonesia, on Monday, after villagers alerted local authorities that they saw a plane crash into a mountain in Papua, the country’s largest province.

During a press conference, Indonesian Air Transportation Director General Suprasetyo confirmed wreckage of Trigana Air flight IL267, which was carrying 49 passengers, including five children and five crew members, was found by villagers.

The flight went missing on Sunday 33 minutes into the 42-minute flight from Jayapura to Oksibil, the ministry said. It is still unclear whether anyone survived the crash.

Trogana Airlines has been banned from the European Union since 2007 due to safety concerns and a lack of adequate oversight from their authorities, the European Commission says. This crash marks at least the third flight to go missing in Asia in the last 18 months.