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Two sentenced to death in Egypt for rooftop murders

A judge in Egypt sentenced two men to death on Saturday for murders that took place during pro-Morsi demonstrations last year in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

Mahmoud Ramadan and Abdullah el-Ahmedi were sentenced to death and their case will now be passed along to the mufti, Egypt’s top religious official, to be reviewed. The trial will resume on May 19 after the review process.

Charges against the men include throwing youths from a rooftop during protests in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria days after the Egyptian army ousted then-President Mohamed Morsi on July 3.

Video footage has been broadcast throughout Egypt of two young individuals being thrown off of the roof during the incident. According to Egypt’s state news agency MENA, a total of 18 people died during the clashes in Alexandria.

Chants from both sides were heard after the ruling. According to Reuters, the defendants responded to the sentence by chanting “Life is not important. Nothing is important, but our Islam is important,” while holding the Koran.

There are 60 other individuals on trial in the same case. Their verdicts are also expected on May 19.

Saturday’s sentence comes after 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters were sentenced to death on Monday in the southern Egyptian province of Minya.