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Is the U.S. bombing Islamic State Group in Iraq? The news is unclear

There was confusion about possible U.S. actions against Islamic State Group forces in Iraq Thursday night, as news organizations published differing and contradictory reports about possible air strikes or humanitarian drops. The Pentagon denied that the U.S. dropped bombs or humanitarian supplies for Kurdish Iraqis stranded by ISIS forces.

The New York Times relayed reports by Kurdish television that at least two Islamic State Group targets had been hit by U.S. bombs in an effort to weaken their position. Pentagon spokesperson Rear Adm. John Kirby denied that the U.S. had executed any airstrikes in Iraq through his Twitter account, calling the story “completely false.”

ABC News reported the U.S. has begun humanitarian air drops to Kurds trapped by Islamic State Group forces in the mountain regions of northern Iraq based on information provided to Martha Radditz from an unnamed official. Responding to ABC’s report, CNN’s Jim Sciutto reported that the Pentagon’s spokeperson told him no air drops or air strikes are underway by U.S. forces.

Regardless of the current status of airstrikes or humanitarian drops, the Associated Press reports that the Obama administration is seriously considering both options, and that either could be underway in the next few hours.

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